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Marco Rubio Is Doubling Down On His Extreme Anti-LGBTQ Agenda

As Floridians celebrate Pride Month, Marco Rubio continues to double down on his record of opposing LGBTQ Floridians’ basic rights and freedoms. Just recently, he attacked the right to same sex-marriage in a speech to a group known for pushing extreme anti-LGBTQ legislation. 

“While the vast majority of Floridians believe in equality for their LGBTQ friends and neighbors, Marco Rubio has long fought against protecting their rights. From consistently opposing Floridians’ right to marry who they love, to supporting discrimination against LGBTQ workers, Marco Rubio has long fought against equality for all Floridians,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox.  

Rubio has a long record of supporting attacks on LGBTQ Floridians’ rights: 


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