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Breaking: Maduro Regime Crony David Rivera Endorses Marco Rubio

corrupt lobbying on behalf of the Venezuelan government, gave Rubio a ringing endorsement in an interview on Radio Mambí yesterday. 

Praising Rubio as highly influential, Rivera credited him with single-handedly steering the Trump administration’s foreign policy on Cuba and Venezuela while Rivera was working for the Maduro regime. “The person who headed Donald Trump’s policies toward Cuba and Donald Trump towards Venezuela was named Marco Rubio. That’s being an effective senator,” Rivera said

“Marco Rubio and David Rivera have supported each other’s political careers for over a decade, even as Rivera faced federal investigations for his campaign finance scandals and corrupt lobbying on behalf of the Maduro regime. To this day, Rubio refuses to condemn his longtime political ally for taking millions from Maduro’s corrupt dictatorship,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox

This isn’t the first time Rivera and Rubio have traded endorsements. In 2012, as Rivera was under IRS and FBI investigation, Rubio gave Rivera a “full-throated endorsement” and recorded a robocall in support of his Congressional campaign. During Rubio’s failed campaign for president, Rivera stumped for him in Iowa. And Rivera touted his friendship with Rubio in campaign ads during his 2016 campaign for the Florida House.  


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