Florida Democratic Party’s Statement on the Sentencing of Two Cuban Artists

The following statement should be attributed to the Chairman of the Florida Democratic Party, Manny Diaz:

“The conviction in the sham trials of the Cuban independent artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara and the protesting rapper Maikel “El Osorbo” is another heinous crime of the Cuban regime. This is what the regime has dedicated itself to for more than six decades: silence the voices that demand freedom for the eleven million Cubans living under a crude dictatorship for the past sixty years. A dictatorship that robbed them of all their rights that silences the voices of mothers and fathers who simply want to provide food for their children, who want to own businesses, who want free elections, and who simply ask to live with dignity. The regime silences dissidents in the cruelest way by murdering and imprisoning those who have the courage to confront them. Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara and Maikel “El Osorbo” did precisely that; confront the regime with their voices in the name of the youth and children who are not allowed to fulfill their dreams, for the Cubans on the island and those in the Cuban diaspora who suffer the separation of their families. This is another act of cowardice of the Cuban government, which is afraid of two unarmed men. The Castro-Canel regime is so cowardly that it fears words and fears the truth.”


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