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The History of Ron DeSantis’ Attacks on Reproductive Freedom

While the country grapples with the Supreme Court’s recent devastating decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and throw the decision to the states, Floridians should know Governor DeSantis’ long anti-choice history and efforts to restrict women’s reproductive freedom at every turn including most recently signing a dangerous abortion ban and releasing an ominous statement vowing to enact even more unpopular restrictions on reproductive freedom. 

Democratic Party spokesperson Kobie Christian: “The Court’s decision in Dobbs is especially dangerous in Florida where Governor DeSantis has a long record as a politician of attacking women’s reproductive freedoms and using his office to interfere in health decisions between women and their doctors. In November, Floridians will have a chance to protect reproductive freedoms by denying Governor DeSantis a second term in office.”

Here’s a look into Ron DeSantis’ long track record of attacking reproductive freedom:








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