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NEW VIDEO: Maduro Regime Crony David Rivera Says He And Marco Rubio Are Still Close Friends

In a new interview with Oscar Haza on MegaTV, Marco Rubio’s longtime friend, roommate, and political ally David Rivera, who’s currently under investigation by the Department of Justice for his corrupt dealings with the Maduro regime in Venezuela, admitted that he’s still close with Marco Rubio. “My relationship with Marco Rubio is the same as it’s been for decades,” Rivera said

“Marco Rubio stood by his longtime friend David Rivera for years despite an ongoing federal  investigation into Rivera’s corrupt lobbying. Floridians deserve to know if Rubio is involved in the investigation, and why he’s refused to distance himself from Rivera after he took millions from Maduro’s regime,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox

Rubio and Rivera’s longtime friendship was the basis for Rivera’s multimillion dollar lobbying contract with Venezuela’s state-owned oil company. As the Miami Herald reported, Rubio and Rivera spoke “on a daily basis” while Rivera was raking in millions to lobby on behalf of the Maduro regime to “soften Rubio.” 

Rubio has a long history of standing by Rivera as his friend faced scrutiny for breaking the law. When Rivera was under investigation for campaign finance violations, Rubio gave Rivera a “full-throated endorsement” and recorded a robocall in support of his Congressional campaign. 


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