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Ron DeSantis & Joseph Ladapo Prohibit 33,000 Disadvantaged Florida Kids from Accessing Covid-19 Vaccine

Following reports that Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo admitted to Congress that he and Governor Ron DeSantis knew that their decision to block county health departments from distributing vaccines to children under five would prohibit up to 33,000 children in Florida from accessing COVID-19 vaccines, Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Kobie Christian released the following statement:

“Ron DeSantis continues to play cruel political games with the health and lives of kids in Florida. By preventing county health departments from distributing vaccines to children, he intentionally robbed thousands of families of the option to vaccinate their kids. No other state, red or blue, is making it this difficult for parents to protect their children against COVID. Parents deserve the freedom to choose whether to vaccinate their children. It’s not DeSantis’ place to deprive a parent in Florida of that option.”


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