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Marco Rubio Complains About His Disastrous Fundraising And Faltering Campaign On Fox News

As the NRSC bails out Marco Rubio’s campaign by helping fund his first TV ad, Rubio took to Fox News last night to complain about being out-raised and out-spent. Rubio even admitted that he’s underperforming, telling viewers that the Florida Senate race will be closer than he thinks it should be. 

Marco Rubio: “I need people’s help…We can’t get out-spent and out-raised three to one because we can’t get our story out…Florida is a state that should not in any way have close races like this but we’re going to because they’re raising a lot of money.” 

“Voters are tired of Marco Rubio’s record of failing to show up for work and siding with his special interest donors over keeping Floridians safe. After filing a disastrous fundraising report last week, even Rubio knows his campaign is stalling out,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox. 

Keep in mind: Marco Rubio filed an abysmal fundraising report last week, getting out-raised by nearly $8 million and posting his worst fundraising total in over a year. 


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