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Marco Rubio: Protecting Floridians’ Rights Is ‘A Stupid Waste Of Time’

Marco Rubio has spent years opposing Floridians’ freedom to marry who they love and advocating for overturning the Supreme Court’s decision affirming the right to same-sex marriage. Now with Congress taking up legislation to protect marriage equality at the federal level, Rubio is doubling down on his opposition to preserving Floridians’ rights. 

In recent interviews, Rubio said marriage equality was not “a real issue” and called protecting same-sex marriage “a stupid waste of time.” 

“For years Marco Rubio has opposed Floridians’ right to marry who they love and supported discrimination against LGBTQ workers. Floridians deserve better than a career politician like Marco Rubio who tries to score political points by attacking their constitutional rights and freedoms,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox. 

Rubio’s long history of attacks on LGBTQ Floridians’ rights

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