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Marco Rubio Votes Against Bipartisan Legislation To Lower Costs For Floridians And Help American Businesses Compete With Rivals In China

As Floridians face rising prices driven by supply chain issues, Marco Rubio voted today against bipartisan legislation to help lower costs by expanding U.S. semiconductor manufacturing and scientific research.

“Instead of voting for popular bipartisan legislation to invest in American manufacturing, improve our supply chains, and lower prices for Floridians, Marco Rubio chose to play political games. Working families across the state are facing a rising cost of living, but all Marco Rubio has to offer them are empty rhetoric and lame excuses for why he voted against another bill to tackle high prices,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox.

Semiconductor shortages have driven up the price of everything from cars to kitchen appliances, and it costs American companies billions of dollars. The new legislation Rubio opposed will invest in U.S. semiconductor production, creating tens of thousands of new jobs and making sure American businesses have the resources they need without having to rely on rivals in China.


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