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Marco Rubio: Drug Company Profits Are More Important Than Lowering Floridians’ Health Care Costs

The Inflation Reduction Act’s plans to allow Medicare to negotiate the price of prescription drugs and cap the cost of insulin and out-of-pocket costs for seniors will help lower the cost of living for millions of Floridians. But in a new interview, Marco Rubio doubled down on his opposition to the bill, arguing that protecting the profits of his drug industry donors was more important than lowering costs for Floridians.  

“When Marco Rubio had a chance to vote for a plan to lower Floridians’ cost of living by tackling high prescription drug prices, he caved to his drug industry donors and opposed it. After spending years failing to show up for Senate hearings on strengthening Medicare and cutting costs for seniors, it’s clear Rubio cares more about keeping his special interest donors happy than doing what’s best for Floridians,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox. 

The Inflation Reduction Act contains a number of provisions to cut Floridians’ health care expenses: 


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