The Florida Democratic Party endorses the principle that no one should suffer discrimination because of who they are. Therefore, we stand with the Jewish people against antisemitism in all its forms and condemn in the strongest terms the recent rise in antisemitism in Florida, the United States, and across the globe. Verbal and physical assaults against individual Jews, against Jewish organizations and religious facilities, and against the Jewish community’s historical and current ties to Israel are abhorrent and must stop. To aid in the fight against antisemitism, the Florida Democratic Party both adopts the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition and examples of antisemitism and commits to combat anti-Jewish statements and behaviors wherever, whenever, and by whomever. We call upon leaders and government officials, including elected officeholders, to confront antisemitism whenever it appears. We oppose those officials who, by their actions or silence, allow it to continue unabated. The prejudices of those who seek to marginalize people because of race, ethnicity, or religion can never be legitimized.  

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