Yet Another State Is Set To Expand Medicaid as DeSantis Refuses

Today, North Carolina state legislators reached a deal to expand the state’s Medicaid program, even as both chambers are controlled by Republicans, leaving Florida behind as one of only 10 states who have yet to expand Medicaid.

“Under Ron DeSantis, Floridians are facing some of the highest rates of uninsured people and out-of-pocket health care costs in the country. Yet instead of addressing those issues, DeSantis is focused on passing an even more extreme abortion ban and a permitless carry bill that would make Florida’s communities less safe,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Devon Cruz. “While Florida’s neighbors get access to affordable health care coverage, Floridians are the ones left behind as DeSantis chases the MAGA base.”

DeSantis has been steadfastly opposed to Medicaid expansion even as Florida ranks in the bottom five states for health insurance coverage.

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