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What’s Ron DeSantis Running From?

Ron DeSantis is kicking off his shadow 2024 campaign under the auspices of a book tour with stops in Iowa, Nevada, and elsewhere — yet DeSantis has so far refused to take questions from local press, including on his previous support for turning Yucca Mountain in Nevada into a nuclear wasteland and ripping out the rug from Iowa farmers.

From Iowa to Nevada and stops in between, DeSantis has hid in his right-wing media bubble and has refused to engage with local press.

Given DeSantis’s record of supporting unpopular policies in Iowa and Nevada, it’s no wonder he’s ducking from local reporters. 

Yet DeSantis has somehow managed to find the time to appear on Fox News not once, not twice — but THREE TIMES in the last week alone.

Ron DeSantis has already shown us what’s on his MAGA wish list: pledging to sign an even more extreme abortion ban and pushing to make it easier for criminals to buy guns. He’s also supported cuts to Social Security and Medicare and refused to expand Medicaid — even as Floridians are getting crushed by some of the highest health care costs in the nation.

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