7 Days Later: DeSantis Refuses to Answer Questions Outside Conservative Media Bubble

It’s been seven days since Ron DeSantis last took questions from media outlets other than right-wing TV and radio. Last week, DeSantis took his shadow campaign to Alabama, Nevada, and Iowa to tout his failed extreme MAGA agenda. In each state, DeSantis refused to take questions from any local media and, since being back in Florida, has yet to speak to the press here. 

In that same amount of time, DeSantis has made three Fox News appearances and used Tucker Carlson’s show to announce his opposition to supporting Ukraine in their fight against Russia’s invasion, aligning himself with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

“DeSantis is running all over the country touting his failed ‘Florida blueprint’ while trying to avoid answering questions about the extreme policies that blueprint is built on,” said Florida Democratic Party Spokesperson Devon Cruz. “It looks like even DeSantis knows that outside of Fox News and other right-wing outlets, his extreme agenda is deeply unpopular.”

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