FDP Slams DeSantis’s COVID Failures and Lies

Today, in response to Ron DeSantis’s press conference where he highlighted his failures during the COVID-19 pandemic and continued spreading misinformation and lies, the Florida Democratic Party released the following statement:

“Under Ron DeSantis, Florida remains the only state in the nation not to pre-order vaccines for children under five years old. In his extreme war against vaccines, Ron DeSantis has made it harder for Florida parents to decide what’s best for their children’s health,” said Florida Democratic Party Spokesperson Devon Cruz. “DeSantis’s extreme approach to the COVID-19 pandemic has left Floridians with less options to protect themselves and their children, all in the name of right-wing culture wars.”

DeSantis’s failure to pre-order vaccines for children under five years old made it harder for parents who wanted to vaccinate their children without having to wait for weeks on end or travel across the state for an appointment.

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