DeSantis’s Endorsers Opposed Disaster Relief for Florida

Ron DeSantis’s shadow campaign received another endorsement yesterday, this time from fellow right-wing Republican Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky. Not only has Massie built his  reputation as one of the most extreme Republicans in Congress – he’s repeatedly tried to block desperately needed federal relief for hurricanes and natural disasters, including most recently, opposing crucial relief for Hurricane Ian recovery efforts in Florida.

“Ron DeSantis continues racking up endorsements from some of the most extreme members of Congress who repeatedly voted against sending disaster relief,” said Florida Democratic Party Spokesperson Devon Cruz. “For the guy who is governor of Florida, and wants to run for president, DeSantis sure seems focused on catering to the people who want to leave Floridians and hurricane victims behind.”

Here’s How DeSantis’s Endorsers Have Opposed Disaster Relief:

Despite his opposition to sending crucial aid to communities hit by natural disasters, Massie has repeatedly pushed for millions of dollars in federal aid to be sent to his home state for disaster relief.

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