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BREAKING: DeSantis Proposes Raising Costs On Working Class Floridians

As Ron DeSantis took his shadow campaign to Michigan yesterday, he outlined a new proposal to raise costs on working class Floridians in his ongoing war with Disney. In a question and answer session at Hillsdale College, DeSantis brought up the possibility of imposing tolls on roads around Walt Disney World in Central Florida, as a form of punishment for the company. In response to the proposal, Florida Democratic Party Spokesperson Devon Cruz released the following statement:

“Ron DeSantis has found a new target in his efforts to punish Disney for not supporting his extreme agenda: working class Floridians. DeSantis’s proposal to enact tolls on the roads around and leading to Disney World could affect thousands of Floridians who live and work in the area, forcing them to pay the price for DeSantis’s political stunts. Once again, DeSantis is pushing policies that could make  Floridians’ lives more difficult in his attempt to boost his national profile and win over the MAGA base.”

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