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ICYMI: Florida homeowners rattled by property insurance costs after DeSantis sides with insurance companies

On the heels of Ron DeSantis signing legislation aimed at shielding insurance companies from lawsuits just months after Hurricane Ian hit and devastated Southwest Florida, new reporting from the Palm Beach Post details the stories of five Floridians facing the real life impacts of the state’s worsening property insurance crisis. As DeSantis refuses to help, homeowners across the state are facing outrageously high increases in their insurance premiums, being forced to find a new insurance provider after their last provider went insolvent, potentially putting off retirement to pay for their insurance policies, and even considering leaving the state to escape the property insurance crisis. 

As House Minority Leader Fentrice Driskell put it last year, DeSantis’s failures to address the property insurance crisis as a “one-billion dollar- bailout to insurance companies” with “no real rate relief to Florida homeowners.”

Palm Beach Post: ‘I almost had a heart attack’: Florida homeowners rattled by property insurance costs

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