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Ron DeSantis’s (Latest) Very Bad Week

As Ron DeSantis continues to ramp up his out of state travel, headline after headline this week highlighted how he’s failing Floridians. Here’s a look back at Ron DeSantis’s very bad week. 

DeSantis started the last week under fire for traveling out of state to promote his shadow presidential campaign while Fort Lauderdale faced catastrophic flooding. 

Then, DeSantis was hit by members of his own party for going after the state’s largest employer, Disney, as he ramped up his attacks.

Meanwhile, the presidential campaign he’s prioritizing over Floridians isn’t going too well for DeSantis. 

Finally, with just two weeks left in the legislative session, even DeSantis’s staunchest allies are reportedly “deeply frustrated” with DeSantis’s take over of the legislative branch to serve his own ambitions.

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