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Shot/Chaser: DeSantis Supported Debt Limit Increase Without Cuts Under Trump

This week, Ron DeSantis sided with Republicans in the House who are threatening a national default by refusing to increase the debt ceiling without imposing draconian spending cuts. What DeSantis failed to mention was that under Trump, he voted for a debt limit increase that didn’t require any spending cuts, and actually lifted Obama-era spending caps.

“It’s unacceptable but not surprising that Ron DeSantis is supporting the MAGA Republicans who are holding our economy hostage to look out for billionaires and corporate interests, at the expense of Florida’s working families,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried.

SHOT: DeSantis claimed that raising the debt limit ceiling without any requirements for spending cuts is “ridiculous” and supports the House Republicans threatening a national default unless harsh spending cuts are included.

CHASER: When Trump was in office 2018, DeSantis voted for a budget deal that raised the debt limit without any requirement for spending cuts. 

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