FDP Chair Fried Celebrates President Biden’s Billion Dollar Internet Investment in Florida

After the Biden-Harris administration announced major investments to expand access to affordable, high-speed internet in all 50 states, Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried issued the following statement: 

“Access to high-speed internet, especially in our rural communities, has long served as a dividing line in our state,” said Chair Fried. “With this historic $1.17 billion investment from the Biden-Harris administration, we will be able to close the gap and expand high-speed internet to nearly every family and farm across the state. During my time as Agriculture Commissioner, we outlined a 40-point plan to collaborate with the White House and drive infrastructure investment — and today, Florida Democrats stand ready to help President Biden finish the job. 

“While Ron is busy running away from the problems he created for Floridians, President Biden continues to deliver for Floridians by bringing taxpayer money back to the communities that need it most.” 

Here’s how President Biden’s Invest in America agenda has already helped Florida get connected:

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