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DeSantis Makes Florida the Inflation Capital of the Nation

In response to new reporting from CBS News showing that Florida is the nation’s hotspot for inflation, Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried issued the following statement:

“Under DeSantis’s watch, Florida has now become the nation’s inflation capital. Our inflation rate is double the national average in some areas, made worse by a property insurance crisis and new laws introduced on July 1 that eliminate caps on rent increases and security deposits. 

“Ron’s extreme MAGA agenda comes at a high cost to Floridians every day, with job losses in our biggest industries, skyrocketing insurance prices and delayed construction on developments. Floridians are paying a higher price than every other American — that’s the cost of living in Ron DeSantis’s fascist fantasy. He wonders why his poll numbers are tanking — it’s the economy, stupid.”

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