Florida Democrats Followed Primary Ballot Process

“The process to be on the Florida democratic primary ballot was made publicly available and clearly states that the deadline to submit nominations for the ballot must be submitted to the Secretary of State by November 30, 2023. 

This is the standard process.

The Florida Democratic Party followed its process and the State Executive Committee voted unanimously to send one name, Joe Biden, to the Secretary of State as a candidate for the party’s nomination for president. It is not uncommon for an incumbent President to be declared the automatic winner of a presidential primary. In 2011, Florida Democrats similarly voted unanimously for incumbent President Barack Obama.

The Florida Democratic Party stands by the decision made by the State Executive Committee and does not intend to circumvent long-established protocols and procedures for candidates who did not receive nominations.”


About the State Executive Committee

The State Executive Committee meets to vote to place candidates on the presidential primary ballot at the Florida Democratic Party’s State Convention every four years. 

The State Party Chair does not have veto power or the authority to decide who is nominated on the primary ballot. The State Executive Committee is responsible for nominating candidates. Any member of the committee could have nominated other candidates. Dean Phillips did not receive a nomination from any of the 218 members of Florida’s State Executive Committee. 

The State Executive Committee is diverse and representative. It is currently made up of 218 elected members representing all 67 counties from Key West to Pensacola. One state committeeman and one state committeewoman are elected by their peers every four years to represent their county on the committee. Additionally, members of Congress, state legislators and their designates are also members of the committee. 


– The State Executive Committee only meets a few times per year and requires 10 days notice to convene.
– The nomination took place at its meeting on October 29, 2023 in conjunction with the 2023 Florida Democratic Party State Convention.
– Shortly after the nomination, the Florida Democratic Party submitted the approved candidate list to the Florida Secretary of State on November 1, 2023.
– November 30, 2023 is the final deadline to notify the Secretary of State.

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