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ICYMI: Republicans are ‘Proud’ of Their Do-Nothing Agenda

Over the weekend, the Republican Party of Florida announced their legislative agenda for the year, highlighting their top ten priority bills. In response, the Florida Democratic Party has issued the following statement:

“They have shown their cards,” FDP Chair Nikki Fried said. “The Republican Party of Florida is a joke and new leadership hasn’t changed anything.”

“Republican Senator Jonathan Martin today said he’s ‘proud’ of the Florida GOP’s endorsed legislative agenda doubling down on their list of ten priorities. Senator Martin can say whatever he wants but this list sends a very clear message to the people of Florida that delivering solutions to the property insurance and affordability crises in our state are not on their to-do list. They are proving once again just how out-of-touch they are with the needs of everyday Floridians. This do-nothing agenda is offensive to every Floridian struggling to make ends meet.” 

“My first impression of their agenda is that the overwhelming majority of their platform aims to further divide us as a state.” said Leader Fentrice Driskell (D-Tampa). “None of the RPOF legislative priorities do anything to help alleviate the affordability crisis that too many Floridians are facing right now. Florida families are looking for real solutions to kitchen table issues, like escalating property insurance rates and the lack of house affordability.

“Florida House Democrats wholeheartedly believe every Floridian deserves the freedom to be healthy, prosperous, and safe, and our legislative priorities reflect that, including lower property insurance rates, investing in affordable housing, and expanding Medicaid.”


@NikkiFried: “Florida Republican Party’s legislative priorities. See anything on here that helps you pay your bills? What about any bill that works to fix our teacher shortage? Anything to make our communities more safe?”

@AnnaForFlorida: “So nothing about property insurance or housing affordability?”

@KWaldron4D93: “Ladies & gents: The Florida GOP’s top priorities as adopted this past weekend. Heavy on tiresome culture war issues. Zero on helping Floridians. Literally nothing on 2 of the biggest issues for Fla residents: insurance & affordable housing. Note to GOP: READ THE ROOM!”

@FLHouseDems: “Every Floridian deserves the freedom to be healthy, prosperous, and safe. Our legislative priorities reflect that. Florida House Democrats focus on the issues affecting Floridians, not divisive culture wars.”

@CarlosGSmith: “I’ve got a crazy idea…just hear me out. How about y’all pivot from all of this GOP culture war BS and focus on housing affordability??? Am I reaching for the stars here?

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