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“Today, approximately 60 municipal elections will be happening across the state, and President Joe Biden will be declared the automatic winner of Florida’s Democratic presidential preference primary,” said FDP Chair Nikki Fried

“While Republicans cast their votes in a GOP primary that has already been decided — where Ron’s name remains on the ballot after the worst-run presidential campaign in history — Democrats will vote for candidates in critical local elections, and continue to build on the momentum of the past year. 

“We know that millions of non-party affiliated voters reject the extremist politics pushed by Donald Trump. Earlier this year, Democrat Tom Keen won his election in HD-35, despite disadvantages in both spending and turnout, because nearly 70% of the NPA vote rejected the Trump Republican running against him. We expect that pattern to play out in races across the state, both this week and in elections throughout the year. 

“While other states have benefited from President Biden’s leadership over the past four years, 30 years of failed Republican policies have largely left Floridians behind. In the face of those failures, our message and the choice this November cannot be more clear — we must do everything in our power to re-elect Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, and the Florida Democratic Party will continue working tirelessly to take back our state.”

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