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President Biden Allocated 224 Delegates from Florida

FDP Chair Nikki Fried paints clear choice in November — continued progress or the ‘end of our democracy as we know it’

Today, President Joe Biden was declared the automatic winner of the Democratic primary and allocated 224 delegates from Florida. In response, the Florida Democratic Party has issued the following statement: 

“As we inch closer to the November elections, every state primary day reminds us of the choice we have to make — a choice between the continued progress of our country or the end of our democracy as we know it,” said FDP Chair Nikki Fried. “The contrast in this election couldn’t be clearer between Donald Trump, who is running on hatred, revenge and retribution, and President Biden, who is fighting to protect our freedoms and democracy and to make sure everyone has a fair shot.

“Florida Democrats are proud to support President Biden and Vice-President Harris for another term in the White House, and we will continue to fight tooth and nail to help get them there — we can’t allow Donald Trump anywhere near the presidency ever again.”

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