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Three Days and Counting: Rick’s Scott Silence on His Support for Six-Week Abortion Ban

It’s been three days since the Florida Supreme Court triggered an extreme six-week ban on abortion with virtually no exceptions, and Rick Scott hasn’t answered for his support of the draconian law.  

“The fight against Florida’s extreme abortion ban shines a spotlight on Rick Scott’s support for ripping away women’s freedom to make their own personal medical decisions,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Alex Wood. “Scott’s silence on his support for the six-week ban is deafening — but he won’t be able to fool Floridians after saying he would have signed it into law himself. In November, Floridians will reject this dangerous ban and fire Rick Scott.”

Scott has a long and dangerous anti-choice record: he endorsed Florida’s extreme six-week abortion ban, supports a national abortion ban, and attacked safe and effective medication abortion. 

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