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AUDIO: Rick Scott Refuses to Answer for His Support for Six-Week Abortion Ban

Today, during a live radio interview, Rick Scott refused to answer for his endorsement of Florida’s extreme six-week ban on abortion with virtually no exceptions.

Following the Florida Supreme Court’s ruling that triggered the six-week ban, Scott has run from his past support for the cruel and unpopular law, which rips away access to reproductive health care before most women know they’re pregnant. But Scott said it himself: “I am 100% pro-life and if I was still governor, I would sign this bill.”

Listen for yourself here

See below for a transcript of Scott refusing to answer for his support of Florida’s six-week abortion ban: 

Radio HostLast couple things for you real quickly. You, of course, are running for re-election. The Florida Supreme Court decided earlier this week to allow abortion and recreational marijuana on the November ballot. As far as abortion, there seems to be some confusion. Have you said in the past that, if you were still governor, you would have signed the six-week abortion ban like Governor DeSantis did?

Scott: I am pro-baby. I know that, we know that life is the greatest gift. No one wants to go through abortion. My heart goes out to women that go through that. So what we’ve got to do is we’ve got to say we need to have some reasonable limitations.

Radio Host: What is that?

Scott: That’s what we ought to be talking about: reasonable limitations. Now, the Democrats, they should not want this on the ballot, here’s the reason why: They all support crushing a baby’s skull at nine months pregnant.

Radio Host: But what is your reasonable limitation, though, Senator? Do you support the six-week ban the Governor signed?

Scott: I think we need to have a conversation. 

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