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Florida Democratic Party Statement on Reimposing Sanctions on Maduro’s Regime 

FDP Chair Nikki Fried says Maduro regime repeatedly demonstrated a ‘failure to hold up their end of the deal’

Today, the Miami-Herald reported that the Biden administration will not renew the license that allows companies under U.S. jurisdiction to engage with the Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA, because the Maduro regime did not comply with the terms of the Barbados agreement. In response, the Florida Democratic Party released the following statement: 

“We welcome the Biden-Harris administration’s decision to reimpose sanctions on the Maduro regime,” said FDP Chair Nikki Fried. “The Venezuelan dictatorship has repeatedly demonstrated a failure to hold up their end of the deal and undermined the will of the people after millions of Venezuelans, including thousands from the Venezuelan community in Florida voted for opposition candidate, Maria Corina Machado to challenge Maduro in the upcoming elections. 

“In order to hold free and fair elections, you must have two strong sides competing without interference. Maduro suspended the primary election results, arrested members of the opposition’s campaign team and ultimately banned his opponent from running for president

“Nicolás Maduro was and always will be a dictator, who continues to undermine the fundamental rights of Venezuelans to have free, transparent, and fair elections. The Florida Democratic Party will continue to support Venezuelans and the Venezuelan community in Florida in their struggle to bring back democracy to their nation. They deserve nothing less.” 

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