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On Wednesday, the Florida Democratic Party announced the launch of a targeted candidate recruitment campaign with plans to roll out billboards and digital ads in Polk, Madison, Miami-Dade and Seminole counties starting today.

Florida Democrats are focused on recruiting candidates in open or uncontested races in congressional, state and local elections. 

“There are 27 uncontested House seats with no Democrat running and it is up to us to change that. We are already competing in more races compared to 2022 but it is our goal to field candidates in every seat across the state and give Republicans a run for their money. As we get closer to qualifying deadlines, candidate recruitment is a top priority,” said FDP Chair Nikki Fried. 

“30 years of Republican rule has failed Floridians. Property insurance rates are through the roof, we lead the nation in teacher shortages, and over a million Floridians have been kicked off Medicaid because Florida Republicans refuse to expand it. We need more Democrats in the running to fight for the issues people care about and defend the programs Floridians rely on,” Chair Fried added.

Over the next few weeks, Florida Democrats will roll out outdoor and digital ads in counties with uncontested seats calling on Democrats who will fight to protect abortion, address the affordability crisis and hold Republicans accountable to run for office in 2024. 

Candidates and Campaigns Director, Danielle Hawk, who is overseeing the effort said, “We all know someone who should run for office, and if there have ever been a time to step up and lead, it’s now. We hope this campaign is the sign that leaders in our communities need to see to make the decision to run, and the Florida Democratic Party is here to help. We’re launching this campaign to ensure that every seat has someone who is committed to fighting for Florida.” 

For more information, candidates considering running for office in any of the uncontested districts are encouraged to visit to apply for resources and support.

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