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ICYMI: Rick Scott Compares his Medicare Fraud to Trump’s Corruption Case

Today, Rick Scott, who is in New York kissing up to Trump, compared Trump’s hush money trial to his own prosecution for overseeing the largest Medicare fraud in history. 

Scott’s company, Columbia/HCA, was fined a record $1.7 billion for defrauding Medicare recipients and military families while he was CEO. Scott invoked the Fifth amendment 75 times and was forced to step down while still receiving a massive $300+ million golden parachute.

During an interview on Fox & Friends, Scott claimed – with zero evidence – that his company being held accountable for Medicare theft was politically motivated and defended Trump’s own fraud. 

Click here to watch the clip. See the transcript below: 

ScottLook. I support my friend, I support Donald Trump. This is just political persecution. It’s a crime to use the courts for political persecution. And by the way, I saw this. It happened to me. I fought Hillarycare. And guess what happened when I fought Hillarycare? Justice came after me and attacked me and my company. 

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