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ICYMI: FDP Chair Nikki Fried Slams Rick Scott for Voting Against Protecting Access to Contraception

Yesterday, Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried slammed Rick Scott for voting against the Right to Contraception Act – bipartisan legislation to codify Americans’ right to access contraception under federal law. During the interview, Fried noted that Floridians can’t trust Scott to protect women’s rights to make their own personal medical decisions 

Click here to watch the clip. See the transcript below: 

Reporter: Earlier in the day, Scott also voted against a Senate bill protecting access to contraceptives across the country. He says it’s being used by Democrats as fear mongering. 

Florida Democrats Chair Nikki Fried pushed back during an interview with us earlier Wednesday. She noted Scott supported Florida’s six-week abortion ban and was recently given an A+ rating by Students for Life Action, a political group that backs IVF restrictions. 

FDP Chair Nikki Fried: He’s now going on defense. That’s exactly what this is. He’s trying to maneuver through this issue. How are we supposed to trust Rick Scott with these really important decisions and protecting women here in the state of Florida? 

Reporter: Democrats tell us making the race about abortion and women’s rights could be Scott’s kryptonite.

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