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REMINDER: Rick Scott on Raising Taxes, Slashing Social Security: “I’d Like to Apologize to Absolutely Nobody.”

Two years ago today, Rick Scott doubled down on his disastrous Plan to Rescue America that would put Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block and raise taxes on 40 percent of Floridians, including working families and active duty military personnel. Scott said he’d “apologize to absolutely nobody,” for his plan that is so toxic even Mitch McConnell says it’s a “bad idea.” 

“Rick Scott made millions defrauding Medicare and then wrote the plan to take away seniors’ hard-earned benefits and raise taxes on working families. His plan would be disastrous for Florida families and he has zero remorse,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Alex Wood. Floridians see right through Scott’s self-serving agenda and will reject him in November.”

Rick Scott’s Self-Serving Agenda Would Be A Disaster For Americans: 

Scott’s signature plan to sunset Social Security and Medicare would spike costs for seniors and families and rip away hard-earned benefits. 

Scott’s plan would raise taxes on the middle class while lowering taxes for corporations and the wealthy, like himself. 

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