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Florida Democrats Contest Every Legislative Seat for First Time Since State Flipped

Following today’s qualifying deadline, the Florida Democratic Party confirmed that for the first time since the state flipped nearly 30 years ago, there is a Democrat running in every House and Senate district, successfully fielding 140 candidates in every race for the Florida legislature. 

“Democrats made history in Florida today,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried. “This is unprecedented. Since control of Florida flipped in the mid-90s, no party has contested every seat in both chambers of the legislature. For the first time in at least 30 years, Florida Democrats are contesting every congressional and legislative race in Florida.”

“It’s a record-breaking accomplishment for the Florida Democratic Party and a stark contrast to the party we inherited after 2022 — a party Republicans declared ‘dead’ just one year ago. Now, we have the momentum. The only poll that matters is the one on Election Day but poll after poll this week has shown we are closing the gap in Florida because voters are rejecting extremism and Democrats are stepping up to lead.”  

Florida Democratic Party Candidates and Campaigns Director Danielle Hawk explains the importance of contesting every race, “It’s critical to have candidates running in every race to give Floridians a reason to show up and vote on Election Day and we fundamentally believe that the bottom of the ticket will lift up the top of the ticket.”

“By contesting every race and competing everywhere, Republicans will have to spend more defending their position and unpopular policies. We are not going to just let Republicans walk into office without being held accountable.”

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