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ICYMI: Rick Scott Chooses Far-Right Extremists in Michigan Over Floridians Facing Catastrophic Flooding

While South Florida faces a state of emergency due to catastrophic flooding, Rick Scott has chosen to head to Michigan to spend time with far-right extremists at Turning Point USA, a far-right group best known for being “infested with anti-semitism” and “‘rife’ with racism” instead of standing up for Floridians. Turning Point’s Executive Director, Charlie Kirk, who regularly espouses far-right conspiracies and antisemitism, has endorsed Scott for Senate Republican leader. Scott says Kirk is a “true patriot.” 

“Self-serving Rick Scott is showing Floridians exactly who he is: a politician more concerned with boosting himself than fighting for Florida,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Alex Wood. “Scott’s refusal to do his job and stand up for Floridians will cost him the Senate seat in November.”

In South Florida, Floridians are facing flooded streetsdamaged property, and skyrocketing insurance rates

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