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Florida Democrats Slam Rick Scott’s Plan to Sunset Medicare on the Program’s 58th Anniversary

Today, on the 58th anniversary of Medicare services beginning, the Florida Democratic Party released the following statement to remind Floridians that Rick Scott wrote the plan to end Medicare as we know it, which provides health care to more than 5 million Floridia seniors: 

“Self-serving Rick Scott made millions overseeing the largest Medicare fraud in history and then wrote the plan to put Medicare on the chopping block – enriching himself while Floridians paid the price,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Alex Wood. “Scott’s plan would be disastrous for millions of Floridia seniors. In November, Floridians will hold him accountable for jeopardizing their health care.” 

What to know about Rick Scott’s record of working to enrich himself while Florida seniors pay the price: 

Rick Scott’s signature plan to sunset Social Security and Medicare would spike costs for seniors and families and rip away hard-earned benefits. 

Rick Scott plans to raise taxes on the middle class while lowering taxes for corporations and the wealthy, like himself. 

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