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Don’t Let DeSantis Ban African American Studies

Florida Governor DeSantis has a history of targeting Black communities in Florida. He’s gerrymandered Black districts, dog-whistled far-right extremist groups, protected Confederate statues, pushed discriminatory legislation against the Black Lives Matter movement and First Amendment rights in the wake of George Floyd’s murder that one judge noted was “akin to the unlawful racist backlash seen during 1960s protests against Jim Crow laws,” and he passed legislation to block Florida teachers from providing an accurate account of African American history.

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This month DeSantis stepped in to ban an elective AP course on African American studies. Florida offers AP level studies in European History, Japanese Culture, German Culture, Italian Culture, Spanish Culture and even Art History. Only African American studies were targeted for removal by Governor DeSantis.

The Governor likes to pay lip-service to supporting the First Amendment, but no administration in the country is doing more to assault those rights than Ron DeSantis. The Governor has a long, documented history of targeting and threatening Black communities. It’s not the Governor’s role to strip parents and students of their ability to choose their own education choices or decide which communities are allowed to have their history taught in schools. DeSantis is relying on us to remain quiet as he chips away at our rights, but enough is enough.

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