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RT @TheDemocrats: A message from @HillaryClinton: "Let resistance plus persistence equal progress for our Party and our country." #DNCFutur…

Trump, Putin, and The New Cold War https://t.co/QMbU7gmz4P via @NewYorker https://t.co/Cy5gLMqzPz

‘Massive scandal’: Ex-DOJ spokesman says Preibus must resign after calling FBI about Russia https://t.co/o5f1VkhvnR https://t.co/EJjYilh7x7

Retired Navy admiral: Trump's remarks on media 'greatest threat to democracy in my lifetime' https://t.co/uI2kectlvz https://t.co/5KzZhFVALn

'No anonymous sources,' Trump scolds media at #CPAC, despite his team demanding anonymity when talking to press… https://t.co/RUsmt8UOiF

Constituents direct questions and opinions at an empty suit in lieu of Marco Rubio https://t.co/Q6FFpwsltZ… https://t.co/43MiNGvsiC

RT @CNN: FBI refused White House request to knock down recent Trump-Russia stories https://t.co/Xq7RjRSYry https://t.co/qps1r96EkA

33 questions about Donald Trump and Russia that remain unanswered: https://t.co/RCix4emEwq https://t.co/YcECUsVlT8

Russian confirmations complicate dubious White House denials https://t.co/0BHPxu9DNL https://t.co/HG5fbRAceG

The American people deserve to know the truth about Trump's ties to Russia. Demand answers: https://t.co/ji4uqgxzAI https://t.co/lEZf4nnjFN

GOP to bury House resolution on Trump ties to Russia, business conflicts https://t.co/Itlh4d2kSu https://t.co/bxmWbJSZhb

Blackmail attempt on Manafort surfaces, threatening to expose ties to Russia-friendly forces, Trump… https://t.co/s5WyjlogRN