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RT @WhiteHouse: On this 151st anniversary of the abolition of slavery, we remember that our freedom is bound up with the freedom of others.…

RT @WhiteHouse: "We are a nation that—at our best—has been defined by hope, and not fear" [email protected] speaking at @MacDill_AFB

RT @WhiteHouse: "We are a nation that won World Wars without grabbing the resources of those we defeated, we helped them rebuild" [email protected]

RT @NSC44: "We are a nation that stands for the rule of law and strengthened the laws of war"[email protected] https://t.co/eUb5IL8NBr

RT @WhiteHouse: "We are fighting terrorists who claim to fight on behalf of Islam. But they don’t speak for over a billion Muslims around t…

RT @WhiteHouse: "Protecting liberty, that’s something we do for all Americans—and not just some." [email protected]

RT @WhiteHouse: "This isn’t charity...a dollar spent on development is worth far more than a dollar spent fighting a war" [email protected]: https://…

RT @WHLive: "Transparency and accountability serve our national security not just in times of peace, but more importantly in times of confl…

RT @WhiteHouse: "We prohibited torture, everywhere and at all times, which includes tactics like waterboarding." [email protected]: https://t.co/yRNS…

RT @WhiteHouse: "We need the wisdom to see that upholding our values and adhering to the rule of law is not weakness...it is our greatest s…

RT @WhiteHouse: "We have to take a long view of the terrorist threat, and pursue a smart strategy that can be sustained" [email protected] on counter…

RT @WhiteHouse: "Over last 8 years, no foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland" [email protected]