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RT @FLHouseDems: "No child should live in such a state of fear, no child should be trained to hide in a bathroom for fear of losing their l…

"Bruh, if you in the governor’s office don’t have the caucus position of the Senate minority, which 15 to 16 member… https://t.co/tM89Z9eQZ3

RT @Emma4Change: Listened to your words @waynelapierrejr, and know that when I wrote #ShameOnYou in my speech, I was talking about you. The…

Two Florida Lawmakers "Liked" Tweets Insulting Parkland Survivors. Shame on you. https://t.co/NmkfVyEUeg

#TBT: Gov. Scott has a long history of providing tax breaks to gunmakers. https://t.co/gDOZTWjBSe

Rick Scott is hiding from Floridians and hiding from his irresponsible and recklesss record on guns. Floridians wil… https://t.co/sAaIE3ujC0

RT @SenBillNelson: I grew up on a ranch. I've always had guns and I've hunted all my life. An AR-15 is not for hunting; it's for killing. h…

RT @TheDemocrats: This is incredible. https://t.co/ydMC5HiiBg

RT @THR: Sen. Bill Nelson on gun control: “There ought to be some common sense solutions, like getting the assault rifles off the street.”…

RT @peterdaou: The #CNNTownHall on #guns is important, but let's be brutally honest: The Dem position is LET'S DO SOMETHING TO PROTECT OUR…

RT @ToluseO: At CNN townhall, FL Sen. Bill Nelson hits Gov. Scott over providing tax breaks to gunmakers. I did a story on this back in 201…

Rick Scott can’t defend the last eight years he’s spent making Floridians less safe from gun violence and Floridian… https://t.co/MixGqXv6Pw