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Executive Department

Executive Director

Marcus L. Dixon

General Counsel

Benjamin Tyler


Campaign Director

Alex Berrios

Deputy Campaign Director

Angela Cruz


Voter Registration Director

Jorge Mursuli

Regional Field Director, Northeast Region

Ingrid Montgomery

Regional Field Director, East Central Region

Drake Thomsen

Regional Field Director, Western Panhandle Region

Keith Hardy

Regional Field Director, Central Panhandle Region

Ric Gable

Regional Field Director, Central North Region

Jamie Jarvis

Regional Field Director, West Central Region

Taylor Aguilera

Regional Field Director, Southeast Region

Antonio Camejo

Data & Technology

Data Director

Stefani Monson

Deputy Data Director

George Adames-Diaz

Voter File Manager

Brady Wade

Down-Ballot Elections

Municipal Victory Program Director

Vanessa Rolon

Voter Protection

Voter Protection Director

Sam Koplewicz


Political Director

Angie Nixon


Senior Communications Advisor

Jose Dante Parra

Hispanic Media Director

Maurizio Passariello


Finance Director

Kyle Patterson

Deputy Finance Director

Michelle Sierra

Party Affairs

Operations & Compliance

Chief Financial Officer

Alistair Wilson


Candace Norville

Working To Win