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Office of the Chair

Party Chair

Terrie Rizzo

Executive Director

Juan Peñalosa

Senior Advisor

Christina Diamond


Creative Director

Ali Akın Kurnaz

Director of Rapid Response

Frances Swanson

Digital Organizer, Snapchat & TikTok

Alexzahn Odishelidze

Graphic Design Associate

Thomas Flad


Political Director

Lauren Calmet

Down-Ballot Elections

Senior Advisor for Down-Ballot Elections

Rosy Gonzalez Speers

Municipal Victory Director

Lisa Peth

Down-Ballot Elections Press Secretary

Alexandra Caffrey

Down-Ballot Elections Deputy Director

Miles Davis

Deputy Municipal Victory Director

Matt Jones


Finance Director

Devon Murphy-Anderson

Deputy Finance Director

Brendan Bargmann

Deputy Finance Director

Cassie Baars

Deputy Finance Director

Meagan McGrorty

Party Affairs

Director of Party Affairs

Rachel Berger

Deputy Director of Party Affairs

Wendy Williams

Deputy Training Director

Tania Ingram

Party Affairs & HQ Coordinator

Nicole Torres Rey

Small County Organizing Coordinator

Rebecca Holden

Data & Technology

Chief Technology Officer

Dale Gibler

Deputy Executive Director, Data & Security

Will Zigler

Deputy Director of Analytics

Catherine Thériault

VAN Administrator

Lydia Heinlen

Operations & Compliance

Chief Financial Officer

Yolanda Brown

Chief Operations Officer

Anne Morgan

Operations Director

Asriele Stubbs

Operations Coordinator

Stephanie Lindor

Compliance & Finance Coordinator

Tasha Dunnigan

Bookkeeper & Compliance Coordinator

Candace Norville

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