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“Presidente Incompetente:” On Eve of Pence Visit, Latino Leaders Knock Trump for Broken Promises

One day before Vice President Pence is to arrive in Osceola County, the Florida Democratic Party (FDP) held a news conference slamming Trump for his broken promises to the Latino community and ineffective management of crises in Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Florida.

The speakers included Juan Peñalosa, Executive Director of the FDP; Jose Alvarez, Mayor of Kissimmee; Cristina Robinson, Communications Manager for Alianza for Progress; and Krizia Ivelisse Lopez Arce, who migrated to Florida following Hurricane Maria, like many Puerto Rican refugees escaping the devastation. You can watch the entire news conference on Facebook Live here.

The FDP is making early investments to engage with the diverse Latino population in Florida. Yesterday, the FDP launched a billboard slamming Trump for his ineffective response to Hurricane Maria. Last week, the FDP hosted a canvass launch to register Latino voters in Kissimmee. The FDP launched the petition Latinos Against Trump!, an effort to collect stories of community members impacted by Trump’s destructive policies on healthcare. The petition is also available in Spanish. In addition, the Florida Democratic Party has more than 20 Hispanic campaign staff on the ground in Florida organizing efforts to defeat Trump.

Osceola County has one of the largest Puerto Rican populations in Florida, with a 22% increase in its Puerto Rican population after many Puerto Ricans fled the devastated U.S island after Trump withheld billions in aid and turned his back on millions of Americans living in Puerto Rico.

Highlights from the speakers:

Juan Peñalosa, Executive Director of the Florida Democratic Party:

We are going to continue to lead the fight against Pence and Trump. We will never forget how they have turned their backs on Hispanic communities and we have this to say to the President: Your broken promises to Latinos will cost you the election in 2020.

Jose Alvarez, Mayor of Kissimmee:

“This Administration continues a direct assault on Puerto Rico by not releasing the funds that were approved by Congress — and he’s still withholding those funds. And how did he repay them? He repaid them by going to Puerto Rico and throwing paper towels in their faces.”

Cristina Robinson, Communications Manager at Alianza for Progress:

“Trump took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the United States Constitution, yet he has only endangered, neglected, damaged and pained Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rican Diaspora and thousands of Hispanic immigrants seeking refuge. I will never forget his inhumane treatment towards Latinos, promoting hate, war, racism and division of families. He has 100% failed to earn my vote.”

Krizia Ivelisse Lopez Arce, Respeta Mi Gente Coalition Member [translated from Spanish]:

“To be the president of a country you need to know, understand and lead on behalf of humanity, dignity, and empathy. He came to normalize hate, racism, and xenophobia. For me that’s unacceptable.”

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