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Marco Rubio Skips Committee Hearing On Protecting Ethnic Minorities In China

Marco Rubio failed to show up to today’s hearing of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China covering the Chinese government’s persecution of ethnic minorities. Witnesses, including a former political prisoner from Xinjiang, testified about their experience, but Rubio was nowhere to be found. 

“Marco Rubio’s attempts to ‘stand up to China’ are empty words aimed at scoring political points for himself, not taking meaningful action to hold the Chinese government accountable. Rubio had the opportunity to show up and hear from experts about the situation on the ground in China but he was nowhere to be found,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox.  

Just last week, Rubio again put politics ahead of his principles on China, voting against legislation to help America compete with Chinese manufacturing, and holding a campaign fundraiser at an NBA game despite calling the NBA a “partner” of “the Chinese Communist Party.”


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