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Chair Nikki Fried asks “who’s driving the clown car?”

“In a world where Ron DeSantis is nationally irrelevant, Florida House Speaker Paul Renner and Senate President Kathleen Passidomo can’t get on the same page, and the Republican Party is a dumpster fire, we have to ask ourselves — who’s driving the clown car?” said FDP Chair Nikki Fried.

Last week, the Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Florida put forward a legislative agenda that read like a Donald Trump fever dream — complete with a bonkers proposal to let people buy groceries with gold — that had no mention of property insurance, affordability, or any other major problems facing Floridians. Now, Kathleen Passidomo has all but promised that none of their out-of-touch culture war priorities are going to be passed into law. Meanwhile, Ron DeSantis is desperately trying to garner attention by backpedaling from the book banning mess he personally created.

“Nobody in Tallahassee seems to know who’s in charge anymore. It’s embarrassing to watch a supermajority unable to govern, but I’m thankful that their ineptitude is keeping them from enacting their worst impulses. Floridians deserve better voices in government, and Florida Democrats are working hard to give them those options in November.”

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