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ICYMI: Rick Scott Pledges to Vote to Maintain Florida’s Six-Week Abortion Ban

Yesterday, Rick Scott again refused to answer for his endorsement of Florida’s six week abortion ban and committed to voting to keep it in place – eliminating reproductive health care access before most women know they’re pregnant, with virtually no exceptions.

During a media availability on Monday morning, Scott was asked publicly for the second time about his support for Florida’s ban. Again, he refused to answer. Later that day, while speaking to the Washington Post, Scott committed to voting to keep Florida’s six-week ban in place.

While Scott is trying to hide his support for this extreme law, his record is perfectly clear: “I am 100% pro-life and if I was still governor, I would sign this bill.”

See below for key excerpts from the new reporting: 

Tampa Bay TimesIs Rick Scott ducking the abortion question?
– In a radio appearance on Friday, Sen. Rick Scott, who’s up for reelection this year, was asked whether he supported Florida’s six-week ban. Previously, Scott posted on X that he would have signed the six-week bill. But on Friday, he responded that there needs to be “reasonable limitations” on abortion.
– At an appearance in Tampa Monday, I asked him whether the six-week bill that goes into effect May 1 counts as a reasonable restriction.
– “I think we ought to have a conversation about how do we work to make sure this is the state where we respect women and also we take care of our babies,” Scott said. 
– In other words, Scott gave the same nonanswer he gave last week. 
– The silence of Scott and Trump — Florida’s most famous resident — on the state’s impending abortion ban may be telling. 

Washington PostGOP senators, hopefuls fall in line with Trump’s abortion stance
– In Florida, Republican Sen. Rick Scott, up for reelection, is on his heels after the state Supreme Court decided last week to allow a six-week ban to take effect in May.
– Scott, who had said he would sign a six-week ban into law as governor, told us he plans to vote against a November ballot initiative in Florida that would overturn the state’s new ban.

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