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REMINDER: Rick Scott Endorsed Florida’s Near-Total Abortion Ban

After two weeks of refusing to answer for his support of Florida’s near-total abortion ban, which would eliminate reproductive health care access before most women know they’re pregnant with virtually no exceptions, Rick Scott is still lying to Floridians. 

Here are the facts: Rick Scott publicly endorsed Florida’s six-week ban and just last week pledged to vote to keep it in place. Take Scott’s word for it: “If I was still governor, I would sign this bill.” 

“Rick Scott proudly endorsed Florida’s abortion ban and said he’d sign into law himself. His extreme anti-abortion record is perfectly clear – Floridians will not be fooled” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Alex Wood

Here’s what to know about Rick Scott’s “100% pro-life” record:
– Scott supports Florida’s’ six-week abortion ban: “I am 100% pro-life and if I was still governor, I would sign this bill.”
– In the Senate, Scott co-sponsored a national abortion ban that would put doctors in prison. 
– Scott believes “life begins at conception.” 
– Scott celebrated the Supreme Court’s Decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, which he has pushed for since 2010. 
– Since Roe’s downfall, Scott has set his sights on restricting access to safe and effective medication abortion. 
– In response to Republican attacks on IVF, Scott introduced “empty, symbolic” legislation while Senate Republicans blocked bills to protect IVF treatment.

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