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ICYMI: Rick Scott Gets A+ Rating from Extreme Anti-Choice Group That Opposes IVF and Contraception

This week, Rick Scott received an A+ rating from the extreme anti-choice group, Students for Life Action (SFLA), which opposes IVF and contraception, and advocates for banning abortion at conception. SFLA’s President said that the birth control pill should not be legal. 

Scott has said he would sign “any” anti-choice bill and has repeatedly endorsed Florida’s SFLA-supported abortion ban, which eliminates reproductive health care access before most women know they’re pregnant, with virtually no exceptions. Scott has co-sponsored a national abortion ban and supports restricting access to safe and effective medication abortion.  

“Rick Scott wants to rip away women’s right to make their own personal medical decisions by instituting a dangerous abortion ban with virtually no exceptions,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Alex Wood. “Scott’s dangerous record will cost him his Senate seat in November.”

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