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BREAKING: Poll Shows Rick Scott in Trouble in Florida Senate Race

New Florida Atlantic University poll shows Scott losing ground in Senate race

A new poll from Florida Atlantic University released today shows Rick Scott is in trouble and losing ground in the Florida Senate race—now in a statistical tie, within the poll’s margin of error. The Florida Democratic Party released the following statement in response: 

“Rick Scott’s toxic plans to enact a national abortion ban, slash Social Security and Medicare, and raise taxes on working families are out-of-step with Floridians. In November, they’ll fire Scott once and for all,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Alex Wood

What to know about Rick Scott’s toxic positions that will cost him the Florida Senate race: 

Rick Scott supports a national abortion ban and says he would support “any” anti-choice bill.

Rick Scott’s signature plan to sunset Social Security and Medicare would spike costs for seniors and families and rip away hard-earned benefits. 

Rick Scott plans to raise taxes on the middle class while lowering taxes for corporations and the wealthy, like himself. 

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