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WATCH: FDP Chair Nikki Fried, Florida OB-GYNs Slam Rick Scott for Voting Against Protecting Access to Contraception and IVF

Press Conference Follows Scott’s Votes Against Right to Contraception Act and Right to IVF Act

 Today, Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried and Florida OB-GYNs held a virtual press conference to condemn Rick Scott’s recent votes against protecting access to contraception and IVF treatment.

The press conference was held immediately following Scott’s vote against the Right to IVF Act – legislation to establish federal protections for IVF treatment. Last week, Scott voted against the bipartisan Right to Contraception Act, which would codify Americans’ right to access contraception under federal law. 

Click here to download video of the press conference. Click here for a transcript of the speakers’ written remarks. See key excerpts below: 

“Let’s be clear: Rick Scott is fully behind Florida’s dangerous abortion ban – he said he’d sign it into law himself. He also wants to enact a national abortion ban that would put health care providers like Dr. Grande and Dr. Shephard in prison for doing their job,” said FDP Chair Nikki Fried. “But it’s not just abortion care that Rick Scott wants to rip away from women. He’s continued his attacks on access to contraception and IVF treatment.”

“I have patients who have waited years to become mothers but whose only option is through IVF – a miracle for so many families. Now they’re afraid they’ll never start a family because politicians like Scott are attacking IVF access. I also have patients who are scared they’ll lose access to birth control and won’t be able to choose when it’s right for them to start a family. Rick Scott won’t protect access to contraception. Worst of all, I now have pregnant patients who are terrified their life will be at risk if they have complications or miscarriages and cannot get the care they need,” said Dr. Cecilia Grande MD (Miami)

“I cared for women who spent years trying to get pregnant but who were ultimately only able to have a family through IVF treatment. I also cared for women who became pregnant but faced tragic complications and heartbreaking decisions. I cared for these women, but ultimately, the choice of when and how to become pregnant, and, if necessary, the decision to receive abortion care was theirs alone. Their bodies. Their pregnancies. Their decision,” said Dr. Bruce Shephard MD (Tampa)

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