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Top Lies From Rick Scott in Florida Senate Debate


In the first Florida Senate Debate, Rick Scott was forced to defend his record, and Scott did what Scott always does - lied. Some of Scott's top lies from today's debate:

  • Scott says he didn't say he wouldn't do anything differently than Trump when asked about his response to Hurricane Maria. Here is video proof of him saying it:

  • Scott implies that the fixing the hoover dike would reduce toxic algae blooms — to which there is no scientific evidence.
  • Scott "calls @PolitiFactFL — which called him out for running false ads — an "arm of the @TB_Times" and says they're "part of the Democratic Party."" - We will leave this here.
  • Scott claims Nelson didn't meet with Brett Kavanaugh — Senator Nelson tried to meet with him for months and was never granted a meeting.
  • Scott says he opposes Maduro regime — then what is with his shady investments in Venezuelan linked companies?
  • Scott claimed Nelson voted for higher taxes 375 times — a claim fact-checkers found completely false.
  • Scott "glossing over his record on Medicaid expansion" — "He was against it, then he was for it during the 2014 election cycle, then after he got re-elected he opposed it again."