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NEW: Rubio MIA in Senate While Chasing The Presidency

While Democrats and Republicans in the Senate have been hard at work on bipartisan legislation to stop gun violence, invest in infrastructure, and lower the cost of living, Marco Rubio is missing in action. A new report from Politico found that Rubio is “staying away from the chamber’s bipartisan gangs” working on critical legislation, noting that “he’s not in the room.” Meanwhile, Rubio is readily admitting that he still wants to run for president, saying, “it’d be silly for me to say I’m not ever interested again.”

“Marco Rubio has made it clear that he’s more focused on climbing the political ladder than doing what’s best for the people he represents. Someone should tell Marco that no one votes for a coward for president. Floridians need a strong leader who will put them first, not an absentee career politician like Marco Rubio who’s sleepwalking his way through a Senate term and hiding from tough issues until he can launch another failed presidential campaign,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox

Rubio has consistently failed to show up for work, missing critical committee hearings after earning a reputation as an “absentee Senator.” After a string of absences, the Sun Sentinel editorial board nicknamed Rubio “The Man Who Wasn’t There” and slammed his “mediocre” attendance record, writing that “Floridians deserve better.”

During recent critical votes, Rubio has chosen to side with his party bosses to score political points rather than vote for legislation Floridians need. He opposed funding for Florida police and the Everglades restoration, voted against infrastructure investments to help lower the cost of living, and even rejected expanding a tax cut for millions of middle class Florida families. 


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